Music Industry Internship Program-AM&S


WAVIT is proud to announce our Music Industry Internship Program with American Music & Sound, a leader in pro audio. The program to promote diversity and inclusion and create career pathways in the AV/IT Industry.  

From WAVIT President, Gina Sansivero, "This program will create pathways into AV, and act as a catalyst for other organizations to find viable candidates while supporting companies like AM&S’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion.” 

The Program

  • This program is a 6-month paid internship with AM&S.
  • Candidates will receive a robust benefits package including group insurance benefits, wellness incentive program, EAP, and 401K matching. 
  • Work with a company that values work life balance and offers a causal and fun environment.
Candidate selected will receive all of WAVIT's member benefits including enrollment into the WAVIT Mentorship Program.

Job description:

Exertis | JAM, making the world sound better, one brand at a time! Do these words sound like music to your ears? Since 1972, Exertis | JAM has grown to be one of the largest distributors of consumer electronic goods, pro-audio equipment, and musical instruments. Come join us to stay true to our mission of delivering ONLY the best customer service! 
The AM&S Team, a division of Exertis | JAM, is excited about partnering with the WAVIT ( We look forward to hosting many bright, eager, and passionate Interns in the near future and many more years to come.
Exertis | JAM has partnered with WAVIT to help support the mission of WAVIT. WAVIT’s mission is to provide a network that supports and empowers women in the AV and IT industries, through education, outreach, and various initiatives. The AV/IT tech industry is facing a shortage of diverse talent and a lack of representation in leadership positions. At Exertis | Jam, we believe that we can change this by creating an inclusive environment that attracts and retains all talent, by breaking the barriers that so many of us face such as the wage gap, bias, and lack of leadership opportunities, and by fostering up-skilling and training for individuals in tech to help them stay competitive and relevant in the evolving world of technology.

Exertis | Jam is committed to its diverse hiring practices which is why we are excited to partner with WAVIT, bringing us closer to our goal of employing a diverse workforce.
We are currently seeking a candidate with a strong desire to contribute to the success of the AM&S marketing team.

  • Conduct market research to report on market requirements, habits, and trends. Present a ‘passion project’ capstone presentation at the conclusion of the internship term (roughly six months) to AM&S and WAVIT leadership teams.
  • Develop and maintain a social media calendar for AM&S social media channels, collaborating with AM&S Marketing Managers and internal/external marketing clients.
  • Assist in analysis of social media and marketing content performance, creating reports, and presenting findings as needed.
  • Assist in the coordination of commercial events and trade shows.
  • Generally support marketing programs, processes, and business needs to ensure the success of marketing and our sales efforts. This position will work in tandem with our marketing team and all related AM&S and JAM departments.
  • Coordinate with events manager/ trade show logistics to ensure product, booth equipment, graphics, giveaways, literature, etc. ship on time for events.
  • Maintain promotional materials as needed.
  • Provide support to sales organization, while working closely with key customer accounts on marketing projects, sales incentives, and promotional events.
  • Assist Marketing Operations Specialist in the management of timelines for marketing projects and activities; ensure all marketing team members have resources needed to meet deadlines.
What we are looking for:

Attendance/Attitude: Ability to exhibit a conscious effort to fulfill one’s responsibilities on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis. Understand the importance of attendance in working relationships with team members and demonstrate an attitude that is conducive to the AM&S culture.
Team Player: Demonstrate ability to work with others while showing the responsibility, dependability, and accountability of what is expected to be a positive contribution to the team and the company while working towards the corporate vision together.
Enthusiasm/Creativity: Ability to bring energy to the performance of a task and the ability to approach a need, a task, or an idea from a new perspective.
Flexibility/ Initiative/Accountability: Ability and willingness to change plans or ideas to deliver the highest quality in design, customer service, innovation, manufacturing, and distribution of our products. Ability to recognize and do what needs to be done before being asked to do it and the ability to hold yourself and others accountable for what is being asked of you.
Customer-Oriented: Ability to create a customer-friendly culture by taking care of the customers’ needs while following AM&S policies and procedures.

Ready to join our team? Here is why we are one big, happy JAMily…
  • Group Insurance Benefits: Health & Dental, Vision, Life, Critical Illness, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability.
  • Wellness Incentive Program, and an Employee Assistance Program.
  • 401K matching program.
  • Work-life balance is key: Flextime, summer hours, paid vacation, personal time off, and a paid day off dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion.
  • We value work life balance and offer a causal and fun environment.
  • Lively social calendar… there’s always something for everyone!
  • Generous employee discount on all our cool gear.
  • On-going learning opportunities.
  • Not to mention the opportunity to work in a highly talented, winning team!
Come JAM with us… we not only work hard but play just as hard. Want to take your career to the next level? Click here to view all our current openings! #JAMFAM

While we appreciate your interest, please note that only qualified candidates will be contacted.

WAVIT's Mentorship Program

The Women in AV Mentorship Program will not only empower women in the audiovisual industry but also contribute to a more diverse and inclusive industry as a whole. It will provide a platform for women to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded professionals, ultimately benefiting the industry's innovation and progress. 

Why Mentorship Programs are Needed
Mentoring programs play a vital role in empowering young women by providing them with guidance, support, and a strong foundation for personal and professional development. These programs are essential because they offer young women access to experienced individuals who can share their knowledge and insights, serving as role models and sources of inspiration. Mentors can help young women navigate the challenges and obstacles they may encounter in various aspects of life, from education and career choices to personal growth and self-esteem. By fostering one-on-one relationships, mentoring programs create a safe space for open dialogue, where young women can ask questions, seek advice, and receive constructive feedback. Additionally, mentors can help expand young women's networks, opening doors to opportunities they might not have otherwise discovered. Overall, mentoring programs empower young women to reach their full potential, build confidence, and break down barriers that have traditionally limited their opportunities for success.

Program Goals:

  1. To promote gender diversity and inclusivity within the audiovisual industry.
  2. Provide a supportive and nurturing environment for women in the AV sector.
  3. Facilitate knowledge transfer, skill development, and career growth.
  4. Foster professional relationships and networking opportunities.
  5. Create pathways for more women to consider AV as a career.