Founders Message

As members of and leaders within many varied industry associations, we are passionate about moving the needle towards more equity and representation. We’ve created a network for women to thrive with resources that will enrich, educate, inspire, and empower them. We know that ripples make waves, and that’s our intent.

We aim to support women in any way that makes them feel safer, more comfortable, and more confident. We will place a major emphasis on education, mentorship, and establishing career pathways for retaining women in the industry, as well as creating new pathways for young women to enter. Creating partner alliances with other trade associations, organizations, and media companies that bring opportunities for women to be championed and recognized for their strengths is what WAVIT is all about!

Want to get Involved?

WAVIT is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. 


The Benefits of Membership

Join the wave for access to educational offerings like personal and professional development, and mentorship programs. Network and make lasting connections in our “Turning Tides” Community Forums, and at our hosted events. Seek out or advertise job opportunities in our field or post your resume on our "Ripple Effect" Job Board to find your next opportunity for career growth. 

Make Ripples!

How can I make ripples?

If you’ve ever wondered how you can help, get ahead, feel confident, safe, and supported… you’re not alone. WAVIT believes in fulfilling those gaps, complimenting current industry resources, and offering tools to create a stronger, deeper, and more focused women’s organization. If you’re looking for personal and professional development, then look no farther. 

Join the wave!