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WAVIT is an organization focused on supporting and empowering women in the AV and IT industries through education, representation, and inclusion. Our intention is to provide a space for all AV and IT professionals to band together to make this industry a safer and more inclusive space. WAVIT will focus on education, recruiting and retaining women in the AV and IT industries through strategic initiatives executed by our committees.

WAVIT's Strategic Initiatives

  1. Connecting employers with candidates to create pathways for attracting and retaining women in the industry.
  2. Providing educational seminars, training, and enriching events both in-person and online to empower women. 
  3. Creating a mentorship program to facilitate both personal and career growth.
  4. Cultivating partner alliances with other trade associations, organizations, and media companies that bring opportunities for women to be championed and recognized for their strengths.
  5. Encouraging initiatives to raise awareness and develop and promote safety practices to prevent harm and protect individuals from violence, abuse, and harassment.
  6. Growing our numbers by supporting women in the workplace and by outreach efforts.
  7. Establishing programs to help support the physical and mental well-being of members and the industry through education, awareness, and advocacy.
  8. Developing outreach programs to offer insight into and skills pertaining to careers in AV and IT, promoting representation for girls and young women.
  9. Building an internship program to help grow industry awareness. Launched program with American Music & Sound, and expanding program to other organizations. 
  10. Fostering a community that can collaborate and thrive in a safe space. 


  • ALL Individual Member Benefits: Free access to our Turning Tides Community Forum, Free Events & Seminars access. Discounted “Ripple Effect” Job Board posting. Free access to our Mentorship Program. Volunteer opportunities that help affect change through our committees.
  • Your logo on the WAVIT website for 1 year
  • Annual allotment of user accounts as specified in tiers
  • Designated Corporate Sponsored Event/Webinar + event leads for your event(s) as specified in tiers.
  • Banner ad on run on WAVIT site (sizes vary) for membership year
  • Job Board Posting discounts as specified in tiers.
  • Media Interview
  • Social Media Recognition - as event sponsors, member spotlight, and job postings throughout membership year.
  • Corporate Spotlight – Blog + Social Media + Event Recognition throughout the membership year
  • Corporate membership Kits: Press Kit, individual member kit, & marketing kit.
  • Annual Business Improvement Meeting with Account Rep

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