WAVIT's Mentorship Program will not only empower women in the audiovisual industry and IT industries, but contribute to a more diverse and inclusive industry as a whole. It will provide a platform for women to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded professionals, ultimately benefiting the industry's innovation and progress.

Our Mentorship Program was designed to support women as they embark on AV/IT careers, or navigate career challenges. We've taken a community-minded approach to ensure that no woman is left alone. WAVIT will provide resources and closely monitor partnerships to ensure a beneficial fit for mentors and mentees.  The program, open to all career stages, matches mentors and mentees based on interests and experiences, offering tailored support and guidance.

Key Program Details:

  • Interested mentors and mentees will complete questionnaires, specifying desired frequency of contact, time zones, specific verticals, roles, and length of time in the industry.
  • Mentees can indicate their preferred style and duration for the mentoring relationship.

Become a MENTOR
Become a MENTEE

Industry Insights
AVIXA reports from 2022 reveal that while the percentage of women in the industry is increasing, they still represent only 13% of InfoComm attendees. In the United States, only 15% of all engineers are women. Mentorship has proven to be a powerful tool, propelling women toward greater success and fulfillment. By fostering one-on-one relationships, mentoring programs create a safe space where young women can seek advice, ask questions, and receive constructive feedback.

Empowering Women in Leadership
Notably, no other category has a lower percentage of women than senior leadership. WAVIT’s commitment to community and ongoing support not only addresses the gender gap in the AV industry but also empowers women to thrive and succeed. Mentoring enhances skills, expands networks, and fosters the confidence needed to navigate the complexities of the professional landscape.

Why Mentorship Programs are Needed
Mentoring programs play a vital role in empowering young women by providing them with guidance, support, and a strong foundation for personal and professional development. These programs are essential because they offer young women access to experienced individuals who can share their knowledge and insights, serving as role models and sources of inspiration. 

Mentors can help young women navigate the challenges and obstacles they may encounter in various aspects of life, from education and career choices to personal growth and self-esteem. By fostering one-on-one relationships, mentoring programs create a safe space for open dialogue, where young women can ask questions, seek advice, and receive constructive feedback. Additionally, mentors can help expand young women's networks, opening doors to opportunities they might not have otherwise discovered. Overall, mentoring programs empower young women to reach their full potential, build confidence, and break down barriers that have traditionally limited their opportunities for success.